The Seewinkel in Burgenland, situated between the villages Podersdorf, Apetlon, and Illmitz, is one of the most spectacular natural and cultural landscapes in Austria. The mild climate, the abundance of sunshine, the saline ponds, and – above all – the wine-growing culture distinguish this region. Here, the clocks run differently. Here, the borders between nature and culture are fluid. Here, so many things are so full of repose. In the microcosm of the Seewinkel, one can simply live a better life. And really enjoy all its pleasures.

Pure enjoyment of high-quality regional products awaits our guests – from jams to cheeses, from fish to beef and veal. In addition to a number of diverse sporting activities (biking, horse-riding, swimming, sailing, fishing), the region also offers a variety of cultural attractions (e.g., the baroque Halbturn Palace, the city of Eisenstadt, the Mörbisch Operetta Festival on the Lake).